Saturday, October 11, 2008

Intentions For Reason (For Zach and You)

Intentions and reason; some very important ideas.
We all have intentions and we all have reason,
leading to a purpose like the ever changing seasons.
Life I say! Love is our lesson.
Love is the greatest gift ever begotten.
For in our lives we find love and hate.
Love gives where hate takes away.
Now, ponder this my reader, you see,
is there not a reason for the lives we lead?
Those who say "no" I respect your candor,
And I see you wandering aimlessly without an owner
For not even you own yourselves
You let everything take you like chaff in the wind.
And I bet that you still intend to do certain things
How do you expect to accomplish them without reason?
So reason must be in every being
For with it brings a new kind of meaning
Ah, but it must not stop there
For what do you intend to do now that you are aware?
Take a look at those around,
Can you ever tell what they intend to sound?
Who's voice do they represent?
Theirs? Or someone else you have not met?
What about love again?
Don't say you've never felt it bring you in.
For love let's you breathe, it let's you sin
A choice I'm glad I don't have to make.
Speaking of choice, how do we choose?
What I ask, would love do?
And what of words?
Do they have meaning?
If not then what am I seeing?
Math, creation, love, lust...
Everything from A to Z
Alpha to Omega
And every language in this world
Who created the thought of word?
Communication is key you see,
So relationships may be establish within thee
I'll take a break on this subject for now,
But remind me where I left off at;
Words in reason
Words intentions
Words in Love
How I ask, how?