Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And it's about time I said something again.
Yes, it's about time I stood to represent what's sent.
There's a balance I feel between
Pride and humility
A slippery edge of my eteranal be
I tore myself down to keep from pride
But found that I was to proud to fight
Woah! or woe!? Humble me hard!
Strengthen me Lord through this gift of art!
And I'll stand and I'll stand and I'll stand for You
I'll stand for well-being which respects the truth

"Take" I said not knowing what I meant
I'm not willing to give Him anything I've said
Take, for I cannot give this up
"Oh dear child this is what I want
My will for you is to willingly give
Trusting Me, yes, trusting Me to live"
Trust is key my reader, I say
another lesson for this lesson of May

Who am I to do Your will?
What authority do I have to do so too?
Ah, yes. A question worth answering
You are a man of My gathering
All the kingdom of Christ's name is yours
To speak on behalf of the King of Lords
So speak My son, My servant, My friend
Trust your mouth will spill love into men
For My stamp of trust will guide your tongue
I can tame it, you cannot
I will breathe into your lung.

Just as the wave began to subside
Thunder cracked, lightning struck
And a monsoon arrived
In despair I cried for the storm to stop
Not believing that with this storm was love
So I turned to the sky and yelled at it hard
You are not more powerful than my God
I was lifted up in the wings of Spirit
And subsided the storm as I truly endured it