Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conspiracy Hypothesis

The 30th day of September in the 8th year of the millennium,

Yesterday the Denver Broncos played the Kansas City Chiefs...and Denver lost. It was actually quite shameful. Everyone expected Denver to win this game, because of both teams stats. The thing that's been bothering me since I watched it though was...did Denver lose on purpose? Not because I wanted them to win and losing only means that they lost on purpose because I can't accept them losing, but because it looked like they weren't even trying.
Let's look at this. Chiefs aren't a top team...they're underdogs. Now, when an underdog wins I'm happy, so I'm not extremely disappointed that Denver lost. It wouldn't be the first time an underdog team won against a top team. So, ya' never know...Kansas City could start surprising us all and start winning a lot. This would be a great feat for any underdog team especially if they did it on their own.
However, what if it was all fixed? What if Denver purposely lost because money said so.
Here's what I know: we have pools. We have football pools. We guess who's going to win by a team's stats or we just plain guess without research. This way of betting has become more and more popular each year (by observation). We have fantasy football and we have various kinds of pools.
Question: how far does this go? How far do these pools go? Who does these pools? I know I'm a part of one. What I'm wondering is...could it be possible for these pools to even go to the big guys? The players...the coaches...the owners...the sponsers...the franchises? What if they had pools, or were a part of smaller pools? Now, considering the way money works among us and the way money works among corporations and such I could see them working within the teams planning out the wins and loses. I mean they have the power don't they? They have the control. As long as they're putting money in the mouths of the players, coaches and whoever else...they won't talk.
How do they determine who's going to win and loses? I'm guessing by the amount of people betting on each team....I can see and think of a lot of things that play factors in this. A lot of variables. What determines what, who determines it, why they determine it...and so on and so forth.
Mind you, I'm not a fan of conspiracies because of the paranoia that arises from it all...because of all the confusion. Because of all the rumors that start from it. So, I'll say this. This isn't a theory...it wasn't proven. It's just a hypothesis and by no means has any validity to it. This is just a blog and just some thoughts. That's all. Let it be as such. If you feel like proving this on your own terms do so, but I must warn you...you will make enemies. The moment you start accusing people; the moment you start suggesting something to someone as true when it could be false...you'll start arguements and wars.
I wrote this for fun...something to shrug off and ponder.

-Fletcher Joshua

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Howard Milktoast said...

I dont think youve ever been more right about something