Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fletcher, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus our Lord, called as a messenger for the Bride, the Body, the Church of Christ Jesus and the woman servant Israel.
Greetings, peace and grace be with you in our King's holy name. I pray these words find you in love and edification, pleasing in the eyes of God.
I see our spiritual, physical, and emotional suffering for what we claim and stand for and I pray for you with the hope that God our Father and Lord will deliver thee from the snares of death.
My family and friends, I do not want you to be unaware of the world's current attempt for our decay and destruction.
For we are constantly being pushed aside with the intent of making our faith insignificant and false. They do not know, they do not understand though they claim they know even more than us.
In my struggle, though I am weak, have seen our faith challenged and persecuted with mockery and hate.
The world, I say is at war with itself.
I pray you all can endure through this all and will keep your spirits up in Christ. Though we fall, we shall rise again.
Just hold on a little longer and I'll try preparing your flight for the Lord.

In Christ's Name,
In thanks and love to the children of this world.

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