Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dream of 7.2.9

In a FedEx truck at night,
too late to be working
a rain fell gentle and light

And within seconds it fell
harder then hell
I stopped my truck to let it pass
And within seconds it pounded
loud as noise can sound
and nothing
no, nothing
could be seen.

A white squall was before me
drenching the freight
soaking the seats
Frantically I thought of what to do
I was befuddled by the power this rain could ensue
This was insane
This was unreal
The power this rain punched
the vehicle
would never be healed
So I closed the doors quickly
in naked instinct
and saw nothing but rampant white

And in my distress
in my panic,
in my worry,
in my fear,
in my bewilderment,
and in my instinct,
I released a scream
so loud I could have beat
the rain's stomping feet

This is what I did
when the night fell
and the sky did too
I screamed at the glass
between me and you

When it was over
I walked the streets
without work clothes on
when the town was asleep
I walked, and jogged
to my home
where I saw my roomate's father
on his porch
on the phone,
I could hear some yelling up the way
from a wife to her husband
in mindless array
He got a few shouts in
but not before she'd capsize
the argument to sink them
both with her cries
I thought,
"Such mindless yelling"
it made no sense
I couldn't understand one word
she shouted in offense

I turned to that father mentioned before
still on the phone
where he caught me walking forward
He signaled my presence
and I signaled his
We both understood that I was a witness
Without a word
we understood
if need be,
I'd be a witness

Still on the phone
he turned and away
he explained the situation
across the road paved
And we understood
if it came to it
that I was there
with my ears
as a witness

Figure eight
I walked from the bottom
of one tear drop to the other
to get home
where I'd...
well, I need to go farther.

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