Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Path

I will tell you of a dream
where symbols
and reflections
on the sixth day
of the month of purity
in two-thousand six.

It goes like this:
(Remember that this has since
not been revealed to me.
Under mystery,
I wondered if it were true
being that dreams will deceive
and they will skew.
It was during my reading
of a book of the soul
that it spoke of the dream
to orate it's goal.)

With my comrade
as "The Lord remembers,"
I started on a path
with other members
for our separate tasks.
After a gathering with
familiar faces
and strangers alike,
yes we ventured on
to the paved path of life.
Our means of transportation
were all a bit different
but our destination was the same
yes, towards the innocence.
The terrain was rocky
and mountains reached high.
The clouds were ominous
and they were threatening our lives.
I thought, "We must hurry
for the storm is coming.
The clouds are dark
and the mountains will
come crumbling,
down." With ski-like roller blades
my friend and I went on
skiing past the mass
ahead of them all.
We led the group for a time,
but I had to take a break
I was tired of trying
and a breath I needed before
I could continue riding.
I was disappointed in myself
and disappointed we were being
passed by.
I sat on the ground waiting
to give it another try.
My friend waited for me as the groups
went on.
I saw churches that I never knew passing along.
Now were last, we were behind
on our journey I had to press on.
So we started the way
as it was narrow and winding
passing trees and bushes,
into the frightening.
We passed the groups,
the churches and members alike
we were at the front again
leading like lights.
And on the way to the front
I passed two girls
reading a guide from their
community about the mountain skyline.
With joyful words
and joyful tongues
they read a prayer
from this guide of psalms,
"God is my milk.
He has made us this path..."
And one of them said,
"And those rocks!"
And the other continued the rest.
When she had finished
the girl proclaimed again,
"And those rocks!"
as to not ostracize them.
The other one smiled and agreed,
"And those rocks,"
and they continued behind me.
Off we were with the destination
up close.
My friend, "The Lord remembers"
went on to where the Lord knows.
I was losing control with destination
in sight
I fell of the path again
still standing upright.
But to the right of the road
there was a fire ablaze
and I passed through it
as I went of the way.
With awkwardness I endured
and stayed on the move
where I got back on the path.
The destination was soon.
I finally reached the building
built like a church.
My friend was already sitting,
listening and I perched.
Many people had already come
I must have been near last
for the speaker had begun.
In and out of consciousness;
in and out of sleep,
I heard the speaker do
as his title says: to speak.
"...and God appeared
to Michelangelo in the night and..."
I woke up without knowing
the rest to write.
Half awake I remember hearing,
thinking, feeling a sense
to be close to God.
And I heard rustling of some sort
from the right side of my bed
where something came over to me
as I laid in the said.
I heard its movements rustle
on the sheets as it came over me.
I couldn't see it clearly
but I felt its presence instead.
Going to the back of my head
it covered my ears and with its hands
lifted it off the bed.
I was fully awake,
my heart was in the red,
trying to keep up with this
strange, odd, frightening
I began to pray and repeat,
"Father! Father! Father!"
And after a few seconds the spirit left.
I covered myself with the sheets,
scared, I prayed asking God
what had just happened.

Though I may not know all
of what this dream should suppose.
I will tell you this,
that I'm on path this instant.

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