Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And I Continue

Well, I'm in a band now. A friend from church, Connie, asked me to join her band Consider the Raven for a fund-raising event called Let Kids Be Kids. The event is to promote an end to sex trafficking. I'm pretty excited that I'm going to be a part of this. I feel like a superhero. I practiced with them on Sunday and they asked me to join as a full time member (guitarist) for their band and I accepted. I've never been a part of a band I didn't try starting myself and it's refreshing to just be in the background, supporting the music. It makes it easy when you enjoy what you play as well. So, we'll see where this takes me and the rest of the band. It should be a great growing process for us all. I find it peculiar that the band name is taken from Jesus' lesson on anxiety, which I've been struggling with for the past year and a half...so...we'll see what happens.

I've found that every word describing God, describes Him completely. There isn't a word that doesn't miss a part of who He is. It's an X=X=X infinitum. For instance; God is love, is light, is righteous, is good, is faithful, is true, is holy, is loyal, is spirit, is mighty, is awesome, , is eternal, is God, etc. If one were to plug in a description/characteristic/quality of His being into an already present verse of His description, it would only add to your understanding of who He is and bring forth a layer of the Word you never thought existed. Try it. He is complete and when you talk of one thing about Him, you talk about everything about Him.

I'm a sucker for knowledge; a weakness and a strength; my downfall and my rise.

While in this funk of spiritual Novocaine I'm afraid of the pain after the surgery, but excited to see/feel/know the results. I'm tired of moaning about it and I'm tired of being tired...so I'm just shrugging. I mean...we'll see.

The opposite of worry is trust. The opposite of fear is courageous trust.

"Love. Pursue love. Fear not. Trust me. Love."

Flchr. Joshua

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