Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okay...what's up.

Should I type? Discuss the latest in my heart’s trend? Or have I already said too much?

I’ve said too much.
I’ve over thought.

Be strong. Stand firm.
This isn’t your fight.
Give up.
The Lord is a warrior. Warrior is His name.
Roll over?
Stand firm.
Turn the other cheek.
David fought.
You’re not David.
Take initiative?...


Does love supply the gossip?
Or rebuke when they show the match?
Love lets!
Ya’ know…at times I wish it did.
Let me do this!
Let me do that!
…and it does, but not without consequence.
What consequence?
I’m shruggin’.
And I can’t say this is absolute.
I can’t say this is always that way.
I can’t say much, but I feel I must defend.
Do you understand?
Do you get this?
Do you know how this feels?
You who loves:
Stand up for your love,
But don’t fight.
Stand up for your love,
And take flight. (That just rhymes. It doesn’t make sense.)
Duty. What is that word?
Respect. Something you’ve heard?
Individuality. Independence. Tolerance. Coexistance.
Great words. Great ideas.
How will we get there?
I will propose.
I will suggest.
I will demand.
I will confess.
But look at me. Who am I to talk?
I was just told I was loved by God Himself.

“They’re adults. They know what they’re doing.”
What a respectable thing to say at such a young age.
Can we say it now?
Can we say this today?
I don’t think all of us can.
And this is what I feel God wants from us all.
“Son. Trust me.”
No offense, but I have some issues with this.
I hope You don’t expect me to do this.
And if You do,
Cut me some slack…
Rather, help me cut myself with some slack.
And do you think God understands?
Be strong.
Stand firm.
Confidence is key.

What do you want from me?

And it used to be about uniqueness.
It used to be about genius.
It used to be about me…
And I guess it still is.

And I thought it was her heart I needed to bare.
But it was mine that she wanted.
And I blamed her instead.

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