Friday, August 14, 2009

Man Maid Services

A soy decaf latte in one hand,
a cigarette in the other
I paused from both
for a passing brother.
Perched next to a federal building,
I shut my eyes and prayed.
I let go of what I thought,
but what I believe stayed.
I didn't expect him to stop and talk
I didn't expect much at all.
I just sat, meditated and prayed,
That God would bless his walk.
In my contemplation he interrupted
it with, "Hey..."
I opened my eyes and said, "What's up?"
In a gentle "what do you need?" manner.
He hesitantly asked for a cigarette
and I willingly obliged.
"Do you need a light?" I asked.
He fumbled the question as I was reaching for my pocket.
"You need a light." I stated and gave him a white Bic lighter.
He replied with, "Yeah, I need a lamp."
And I was taken aback.
What a curious thing to say after I had just prayed.
God still fresh in my mind
I was a little surprised.
And all I could reply was, "A lamp,"
and I chuckled.
What did he mean?
Was he aware of what this could possibly say?
And God, did You want me to say more?
Or perhaps be what he was asking for?
A lamp, a light, a flame for his life?
No matter, he said his thank yous and left.
I said, "Have a good one."
He replied after a few seconds,
"You too."
What a curious happening.
What an interesting encounter.
Oh God, what were trying to tell me
with that passing brother?

I sat down again to finish my smoke.
I shut my eyes and let go of my thoughts.
I prayed for the passing people and prayed
that God would bless their day.
I got up not realizing that my cigarette was out
and continued to my car still praying.
I sat for a bit before I started and
gave some time over to God.
Just being there letting go of my agenda
for a moment before I'd go on.
I had given my last cigarette to the passer-by
and was on my way to getting another pack.
I knew quite well that I shouldn't feed the addiction
but went anyway for my habit's snack.
But God is good and He uses the ugly for His own.
For when I had bought my cigarettes,
on the way to my car,
a man stopped me for a won't-pay-back loan.
With a red gas jug in hand
he asked me for a ride to a gas station.
In worry of his motive I
said, "Sure."
I looked at him while asking me and prayed to God,
"What do you want me to do here? Should I help him or not?"
Confidence and trust hit me soft
so I let him into my car and helped him go on.
His name was Ivan,
and he was from Salt Lake.
He was very apologetic and spoke feminine-like
and vented to me in his talkative state.
He said, "I don't know you from Adam..."
"Wait, what did you say?" I said, with a smile from being hit.
"I don't know you from Adam..."
"Oh! Right on." I replied with a chuckle.
"...but God bless," he finished his statement and I was
"What a great phrase, that's awesome," I said.
I had never heard it before.
Speculations came to mind whether or not he believed in God.
But dear reader, it didn't matter.
That is the point you see.
What I offered for him was a gift not a loan like I said
On our way we saw a tire flat
He expressed his comfort in that fact.
He wasn't the only one with car troubles today
and he took comfort in this knowing that his request
wasn't in vain.
And I told him, "No you're certainly not the only one.
There's at least four other people with problems."
And on our way we witnessed four people with
two car problems.
"See. I told you you weren't the only one."
And he seemed to feel better about his situation.
And I was surprised to see what I had said,
be true.

On the way back he gave me his card.
If I ever need help moving
then he'd be willing to help, no charge.
To pay me back for what I did he gave me his card
and said thank you, again.
I told him there was no need to thank me
and I gave him some more money to fill his truck
for today.
On the card it said, "Man Maid Services."

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