Friday, August 7, 2009

Measure III: Judgement

...and if I expected you once,
I'll expect you twice,
Yes, I'll expect you
My expectations are a vice.

Here is my standard
Here is my line
Live up to it.
If you can't,
it's not alright.
And what's this?
What goes around
comes around?
Can I live up to what I've said?
My finger points back at me
If I can just change you
then I'll be set.
Oh don't you worry
it started with me.
I expected myself
to be all I should be.
It's a backpack of anvils
I carry in transit.
Because I can't
change myself
I'll change your habits.
I expect you to fail
and if that's too dark
I'll expect you to succeed
to hit the mark.

So here is the chapel
and here is the steeple
and here are the laws
within the people:
You must be better
than everyone else.
However this looks
do it. Do it as it melts.
Because you are flawed
you must change others
Don't listen to yourself
Don't listen to your mothers.

There is no grace within
us, no,
Just the seven sins
within a standard of old.
So, I expect you to notice,
I expect you to read,
I expect you to listen,
I expect you to breathe.
One of those is natural--
please take note--
the rest are up to you
to choose. I hope
that someday I can
let go of my law.
To love you in thanks
for just being flawed.
I don't want to expect
but I don't want you to mold
There's a balance in everything
dear reader,
and it's not mine to hold.

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