Sunday, September 27, 2009

Building Blocks of Thought

I want to write something basic.
Something small, nothing profound or large.
Just something like:
I think Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda
and it seems to be getting
more popular
among others too.
I enjoyed my time watching
the Broncos game with my friend Brad today.
I saw two white doves fly
above my car
as I was driving with my friend Chris
a few weeks ago,
I like Naked juice.

Even these things seem forced
and the fact that I have to say that
makes the statements
lose their intent.

I like the smell of wet woodchips
after a rain
or soaked cedar
even dried,
but I can't stand
the smell of a paper mill.

I like pressing the edge
of exposed pages
of a book
against my lips.
Or pressing an open book
against my face
to smell,
to feel.

I like massaging
the gap between
my forefinger
and middle finger
with my thumb
or something soft
and smooth.

I stopped for a beetle to cross my path.

And I can't help but think deeply
about these things I've said,
it's in my nature
and my nature
has a head.

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