Saturday, September 5, 2009

On The Steed Towards The Horizon

So, I'm back in school as of August 31st. Some thoughts that have found me quite pleased in this new adventure have arrived in faith in Christ through His Spirit...thanks to Dad.
It has only recently--within this last week--been reminded to me as to who I am. Simply, an image of His likeness. For he made man in His image, according to His likeness. As an artist this truly struck me. After only a small (I admit) amount of study in aesthetics, I already get a--vague--sense of my calling, my life, my love, and most importantly a sense about God and our holy, sacred, eternal relationship in Christ.
To put it simply (again), I am a piece of artwork (...and sometimes a piece of work) by, for, of, in, through, and to God. I am His expression and His creation. He is the True Artist of the universe. Now that I see this, ever-so-lightly, I can begin to see myself through His eyes as an Artist. I can relate with Him on a very different, fresh, but familiar level; one I never looked too closely at before. There is little I can say to begin describing how this looks and what it feels like...mainly because I don't really get it myself. It's just a light gesture drawing of the master-piece being created/completed.
Art is the ultimate expression of who I am. I write music, write poetry, write thoughts, draw, paint, and make symbols in order to show what and how I feel and who I am. Sometimes I use them to figure myself out and to observe my patterns. I look at a tree, or a human being, or a relationship between a cat and her owner, or a car, or a sunset, or a fire, or any other thing, big and/or small and I see the expression of God. I see everything as an expression, a special messenger--a directional arrow--of God. I think mankind is the deepest one out of all of them. He is God's ultimate expression and I love being myself like Him in that way: to--literally--draw out His word and to point them back to Him like an arrow; to embrace myself as a representation, an expression, an arrow...and add fletching to me through my art, so to give myself flight back to Him. That's why, I believe, I'm identified as Fletcher in name. For my name is also my title. I am an arrow maker of, for, through, in and like God to represent who He is. I pursue to be and expression of who He is; to be a part of His artwork. Yes, to understand what it's like to be the work of an artist; to take joy in the fact that I'm a part of God expressing Himself. Not to be Him, but to be His expression. There's more room to be me that way.
You see, He gave you a gift. This gift is a treasure that keeps getting bigger. This gift is for many reasons and one is to understand and know God better. love yourself as He loves you so that you may love others as yourself. Yes, he gave you something that you know, that you love, that you experience day after day that reflects the Giver. Sometimes you can't even see it, it's so obvious. Sometimes it takes seeking. Sometimes you already know. Anyhow, this is His image, get to know Him in it.
What is God's image of you according to His likeness?

Hint: It has to do with your heart.


Your Friendly Neighborhood,

*God willing.

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